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Warung Modifikasi Mobil Anak Muda

Honda Jazz Modification

Honda Jazz modifikasi, ModificationFoto Honda Jazz modifikasiGambar Honda Jazz modifikasiIndonesia Honda Jazz modifikasiAuto Honda Jazz modifikasiAfter ensuring the Honda CR-Z hybrid went on sale in local markets of Japan in 2011, is now leaking information Happenings Honda Motor plans to produce hybrid Honda Jazz.

As proclaimed themotorreport.com, Wednesday (25 / 8), a Japanese manufacturer that has been leaking information display and little details that hybrid versions of Honda Jazz.

"Like the Honda Insight hybrid will be equipped Jazz 1300 cc petrol engine and an electric motor, and use automatic transmission device continously variable transmission (CVT)," said the page was quoting a source at Honda.

Indeed, there is no complete information particulars including details of machine capabilities and the torque produced hybrids that Jazz. Just by looking at the level of fuel consumption Jazz is now, that is 6.41 liters for 100 kilometers, is expected to Jazz hybrid will have a much better performance.

Still according to information from insiders, Jazz hyrbrid concept that will be exhibited at the Paris Auto Show 2010 title in October.

But unfortunately, until now no detailed information when the Jazz hybrid was introduced to the market, what price tag of, and in areas where it would be sold.

Read more: http://hondajazzmu.blogspot.com/2011/04/honda-jazz-modification-modifikasi.html#ixzz1orxbUqTM

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