Selasa, 29 November 2011


Magetan city in East Java has a region which is famous up and down. Of course, modifications supermoto deemed most fitting for the nature of such earlier. Although it looks simple, but important functional.

"Moreover, this motor myself, so it should be used as a reference for those who come to shop," said Edi Purwanto, skipper Rosy Motor (RM), one shop and modifier variation of this region. Surely doi baseball want potential customers even blurred if you see a messy bike builder.

The changes, step by Edi is not too complicated. "Because I refuse to appear extreme, so it plays more tricks in choosing variations that are stuck. Anyway worthy and nice views," the story at length.

For customizing the process is done, also only slightly. Namely in the manufacture of gasoline tanks. "The model took the dirt bike-style design, but that we make themselves by using a metal plate," added the father of this child.

After the tank shape is obtained, then the seat is formed to follow. Again this must be taken from the seat of many stuck in the trail.

Meanwhile, for the affairs of the body, Edi simply buy from plastic materials trail which many in the market. "I select the model YZ, Yamaha created for you, fear'll reduce teasing people if we are using the body of another brand," he added.

Another requirement to show a true supermoto style front is a handsome shape. "The model is a lot of choices, use of waste or variation, the same thing anyway," SAIDEdi again.

But the name of selling, doi life upside-down variation of Thailand. Go to a real indeed again a lot of entry to Indonesia, including of course to fill in his shop window. Yes, all promotions are also right!

When Polecated about prices, direct Edi react. "To make a bike like this budget baseball more than Rp 10 million. And things stuck in the motor also has quite a lot of you know," promotion from the shop owner Jl. Raya Sarangan, Magetan this.

See, bener right?


Front tire: 110/70-17 Swallow
Rear tire: Battlax 130/70-17
Rims: BarosMaster brakes: LHK
Muffler: Alexander
RM: 0813-3540-8866

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